Tax experts and even the IRS are warning you to not jump the gun!

The IRS is warning you to NOT file your 2022 return too early. Tax Attorney and CPA Mark Klecka agrees. "You can't file electronically with the IRS --- or they don't usually open -- until the end of January." Add to that the wide variety of official documents some tax payers should include. "If you have Reporting Information coming to you in the form of K-1 forms, you will not receive them until mid-March - or even later!"

The IRS Could Change the Way You File Your Taxes!

Tax experts and even the IRS are warning you to not jump the gun by filing in January. Klecka says you can't just use figures from your last paycheck- you have to have all the official documents before you file. "There's the 1099 Non-employment compensation that's not required to be sent out before January 31st - so if you have any self-employed income, you will have to wait for that as well!"

The same goes for your W-2, and if you're a lucky gambler W-2G. Making an incomplete return will take even more steps (and TIME) later. Check and double check - but be sure to meet the April 15th deadline!

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IRS tax forms with tax refund check

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