Gen Z-ers and Millenials are staying on the job longer than we thought.

Recent labor statistics and surveys reveal young workers have better job tenure than you might have thought. Almost half of workers (44%) ages 18 to 34 keep their jobs at least 3 years, according to Pew Research...and CareerBuilder says they know they're in demand. Brandi Clark of Robert Half says employers are learning how to keep them longer. "They will make sure they are not losing people very quickly after they have hired them. Your work culture can keep good people on your team!" And Clark says other young workers are also learning. "A few months ago Robert Half's survey went to over 2,000 senior leaders across the United States and 77% of them said their Number One Red Flag on Resumes was job hoppers!" They are learning to stay the course to get ahead.

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Government statistics support the claims that workers [between 18 and 34] are either making minimum wage, still going to school or are in management of some sort. The 44% who are stable could be taken care of well by their employers, who don't want them to leave. Clark continues, "We're still in a really tight market where top talent retention is on every employers' mind!"

To sum it up - this demographic's job tenure is similar to that of young workers for the past 30-40 years.

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44% of workers ages 18 - 34 stay at their jobs for at least 3 years. Photo: Getty Images

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