Remote working has taken Helicopter Management to a whole new level!

All the perks of working remotely are forgotten when you have a manager who's constantly checking up on you. Productivity expert Spencer O'Leary of ActiveOps says micromanagers are just trying to stay in control of their business. "When their workforce were sitting in front of them every day, using their eyes and ears to see how their workers were performing was something that every manager did! But the Covid-19 lockdown ended that!" O'Leary adds that constantly checking up on a member of their staff is not only annoying --- it's bad for business! "When organizations do this wrong - and many do - it affects morale, it affects the supervisor, it affects the organization as a whole, it affects their customers as well as their products and services. So, it's a real critical thing!"

The Dark Side of Working Remotely

O'Leary comments that micromanaging a staff is alienating them, cutting down on their production and showing a lack of confidence in their work ethic. "Managers are trying ANYTHING within their grasps to maintain control and try to manage effectively and deliver the outcomes that their business requires of them."

According to O'Leary, micromanaged workers are less engaged, less motivated and less capable than they were before. He says managers should have confidence in their staff, schedule progress meetings and let people do the job they were hired for.


Frustrated businesswoman with laptop computer

Working from home, doing her job, and boss keeps interrupting.Photo: Getty Images

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