The Upcoming Cold Shoulder Season can mean HOT vacation savings!

For a quick trip with economical lodging - try the days before and after major winter holidays.

The hotel industry is predicting season-low hotel prices this winter during Cold Shoulder Season. The days before and after holiday travel seasons are called "shoulders" and the Cold Shoulder Season is just days away. Travel expert Shayla Northcutt. : "There is a period of time where people are not traveling - they will probably be home with their friends and families. They're not filling up hotel rooms as fast as before - especially in tourist destinations!" Which means hotel savings for you from December 15th thru the 20th and January 3rd through 8th. But there is a catch. "If you're going to travel to a place you can't drive to, please know that we're seeing an increase in the price of flight tickets!"

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Travel expert Shayla Northcutt says hotels are cutting prices then to fill their empty rooms - some as much as 50 to 100 dollars a night. But she gives a word of caution. "Now, if you go OVER the dates of Christmas break or OVER the dates around New Years Eve - the hotel room prices will go back up!"

Make your reservations now to take advantage. Regarding transportation - plan accordingly.

Shayla Northcutt is the owner of Northcutt Travel Agency headquartered in Houston.


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Hotel rooms discounted during "Cold Shoulder Season"Photo: Getty Images

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