'Tis the Season For Careful Shopping!

It's a great time to feel generous to those you like, love and work for! It's also a great time for Grinch-Wanna-Bes to ruin it for you.

Rules To Live By When Shopping.

  • If you're going from shop to shop (shopping center, mall, outdoor market) MAKE SURE YOU CAN CARRY THE LOAD! By buying more than you can comfortably carry at one time, you will be vulnerable for thieves.
    Plan ahead and arrange to shop with a friend
  • Ask a store employee to put some of your purchases away to be picked up later
  • Ask the store employee to help you take your purchases to your vehicle.
  • If you're shopping online, be mindful of identity theft possibilities.
    Choose companies you know you can trust
  • Check different scam lists for possible email 'warnings' about your purchases.
  • Text messages from any retail organization that you don't remember giving your phone number to are always suspect.
  • Save every receipt.
    In-person shopping, make a note on each before you leave the store of who waited on you, what card you used (or if you used cash), anything that was unusual about the transaction.
  • Online/phone purchases - keep your confirmation numbers, specific time of purchase, name of person you spoke to, any discount/tax/delivery details involved.
  • Do not flash cash or your credit cards. Thieves can be anywhere.
  • Drive "alertly."
    Be aware of where you parked (write it down if you need to)
  • Be aware of people around you.
  • Have keys/fob at the ready.
  • Put package/bags in the trunk or covered space in the car if possible.
  • Watch out for a car that could be following you. If you 'feel' that is happening, make 4 right turns to get back to where you were originally. If that car is still following you, or was waiting for you to 'catch up' call the police. Car jugging is on the rise and you don't want to be the next victim.
  • Plan for Deliveries
    Watch the tracking software of each package.
  • If you're sending a package to another address, send the receiver a copy of the tracking information and request it of others who may be sending something to you.
  • If you may not be at home at time or arrival, ask a neighbor to pick it up for you.
  • If available, on the delivery instructions you give the sender, add a specific place you want the package placed.


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