Cha Ching! A Great Retail Weekend in the Greater Hou$ton Area!

CNN is reporting national record sales were rung up this past weekend (the "Black Friday Weekend") as the official holiday shopping season kicked off. It was a good thing Greater Houston Area retailers were ready for a busy weekend - because local reports say that's just what they had! Ted Harris, Senior Manager of The Woodlands Mall says it was great to see lots of people again! "As far as people having to stand outside any store or location just to get in, that was not a big issue this year. There was just very strong traffic!" Harris did say that he didn't see long lines waiting to get into stores as in years past. "People do not shop like they used to. Now, sometimes people can order and pay for a gift [on sale at a store] and just say, 'Hey! I'm going to sleep in late today and pick it up around 10:00!'"

The Nightmare of Christmas Eve!

Harris said sales were great. "The traffic was really strong this weekend - and people I saw were carrying bags so there was a lot of shopping action going on. I spoke with a number or retailers who were very very happy!"


Christmas Shopping

Lots of people shopped for the holidays on Black Friday Weekend.Photo: Getty Images

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