Holiday Travel 2022 Going to be OK?

Aviation expert Jay Ratliff saying pilots for major airlines have a stack of safety requests like more frequent airplane maintenance and longer rest time between flights as well as higher salaries. "A lot of pilots not real happy right now. They're doing more now than they have done before. The Pilot Union saying they don't think this is being taken seriously by the airlines' management. 'They're coming off a quarter where they made a pile of money...and it's time to start taking our contract more seriously!"

Delta pilots recently approved a strike authorization - but could it happen before holiday travel time? Ratliff feels there will be government intervention to avoid even more economic hardship in the U.S. before this would happen. Pilots at major airlines are threatening a strike if demands for better safety measures and higher salaries aren't met. Ratliff saying airlines are enjoying higher profits and should take better care of their staff. "Regional airlines have given their pilots a SIGNIFICANT increase in their salaries just to keep them onboard and not going to the larger providers. Pilots at American and Delta are saying, 'THEY'RE being compensated --- WE need to be compensated likewise!'"

With the Christmas travel quickly approaching, an airline strike could ruin your holiday. Ratliff is confident the airlines will do all they can to not forfeit that massive source of income!


Delta Pilots Picket For New Contract

Delta Airlines pilots picket for a new contract aPhoto: Getty Images

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