Hedge-fund Giant Elliott Warning of ‘Global Societal Collapse!’

Money expert Troy Sharpe of Oak Harvest Financial Group says it's just not so. "Hyperinflation is defined at 50% inflation rise on a monthly basis. So, we're nowhere near 'hyperinflation.' Elliott is just trying to get publicity for their hedge fund." Sharp does say the midterm votes could help our future cost of living. "The republicans are likely to win the midterms - at least in either the House or the Senate. That should put some serious pressure on the administration to come up with a bi-partisan solutions to lower gasoline prices and also the prices of food for American families."

Sharpe says he just doesn't think so and warns us about believing these stories! "We have to be very careful with very loud statements from people who want to ultimately advertise for themselves!" Sharpe says we are still going through serious inflation. "Although inflation is hurting American families and is a major concern for Americans -- especially again the cost of food gas ---- the complete collapse of American Society is not impending!"

That's quite a relief. Hear Troy Sharp at noon every Sunday on KTRH.


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