Even Publishers of very Profitable Books are Pushing Woke

Many American authors are now experiencing the woke leanings of their editors and publishers. Political Commentator Felicia Cravens. "In popular culture there's a movement now to micro-manage what ideas are promoted. It seems to be politicizing EVERYTHING!" Even Author James Patterson was bullied by his publisher to back-track his statement that white male writers are now facing a form of racism. Cravens looks at a possible future. "If Amazon gets bullied by different advocacy groups --- who know what books we will be able to read in 5 years time!"

Economists: Woke Capitalism Could Ruin U.S.

Some successful (profitable) American popular fiction writers are asking readers to help turn to tide and save their literature from the woke publishing industry. Even feminist author Joyce Carol Oates says the business has become intolerably politically correct. Cravens comments: "People who are interested in free speech and free expression need to support controversial work that are not going with the Woke culture and make those popular items profitable!"

Cravens strongly believes that books are an important way to learn different sides of life and publishers shouldn't be able to wish away cultures and opinions they don't like. Many writers are saying reader choices could make a big, positive difference.

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