The newest type of Mom and Dad: JACKHAMMER Parents!

Teachers, school administrators and even board members are experiencing derogatory harassment from Jackhammer Parents. Parenting Coach Kim Muench defines these folks. "Parents who are relentless, loud and destructive in their desire to make changes in their child's classroom." Frequent emails to teachers, calls to administrators, demands to board members --- all without hearing responses or making any progress to enrich their child's education. Relentless emails and loud phone calls are becoming common. Muench says they are coming from a position of fear. "They are obviously watching, reading and believing everything that they are seeing in social media and news. All of that will create a climate of fear in someone."

Muench explains more about why we're seeing this now. "These parents are being fueled by the last couple of years when their children's education hasn't been what they wanted their kids to have; now they are trying to drive more and more what they want their education to look like."

Muench has this advice. "Children are watching us very closely and how we are handling our stress. I think we are seeing a lot of young people today who are struggling today because of things that have happened in their young lives." She also says to remember that your child's teacher has more experience with kids your child's age than you do.

She stresses to Jackhammer Parents: Your children are watching you closely and they have gone through the same stresses you have.


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Jackhammer Dad telling his child's teacher how she should run her classroom.Photo: Getty Images

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