Rising interest rates, layoffs are becoming common in the Tech Industry.

Darren Kimball of layoff specialists Get-Five explains. "Industries that are dependent of the Capital Markets --- Start-ups, Tech Companies - - have to re-think their growth plan. They must grow more slowly, burn less cash and also hack their head count!" Kimball says specialists will make sure those leaving will move forward after their exit. "Since the folks who move backward will become trolls of their former employer. And they are the most likely to litigate!"

Kimball says tech HR departments have little experience in how to do this. "Companies are not necessarily experts at helping people transition. You need to bring a specialist to manage the process to make sure there are no hiccups. There's too much at stake!"

Nearly 80% of American Workers are Afraid of Losing Their Job

Layoff specialists like Get-Five are in high demand now - making sure the terminations are not only legal and fair, but also include some help with former staff moving on. Unhappy former employees can cause trouble later.

HR Departments are great at hiring the brightest and best but are unfamiliar with ending employment.

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Shocked young woman looking at laptop screen at work desk.

Tech companies laying off staff.Photo: Getty Images

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