Fasten your seat belt - it's going to be a full flight!

Air Travel has become a nightmare for many Americans because the chances of canceled, delayed and re-routed flights is higher than ever and luggage arriving when and where you do is lower than ever. Airline expert Jay Ratliff: "Is this misery going to continue through the summer? The unfortunate answer to that is 'YES!' The airlines are apologizing (?!). The CEO of Delta Airlines is saying, 'The airlines tried to operate too many flights this summer. We're sorry."

They're scheduling more flights than they have staff to accommodate - so you'd think they'd cut down. Ratliff explains." The bottom line is: Some of these airlines - for the first time in years - have recorded a quarterly profit in the second quarter of 2022 of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS."

Shortage of Air Traffic Controllers to Add to Your Summer Flight Woes

Airline expert Jay Ratliff looks into the future. "We're going to have a good number of flights that will be delayed, canceled, re-routed; vacations ruined, business trips that are not going to be happen; all because the airlines are trying to have flights that they don't have the staffing to do." Ratliff says most are making a profit so giving better customer service isn't an option for the airlines.

So, buckle up and avoid the middle seat.

As far as your Christmas trip - CEO for United is saying this could last till next summer.

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Family sleeping in waiting area of airport

More canceled, delayed and re-routed flights than ever.Photo: Getty Images

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