Scam RoboCALLS are way down --- but Scam RoboTEXTS are moving in!

A Scam Robo-text is usually a fake alert - like someone is using your credit card. Consumer Watchdog Teresa Murray says to beware. "The Scam Texts are more dangerous than Scam Calls. You have a couple of seconds where this text is scaring the heck out of you - and you one have a second to click on that button!"

The scam begins when you click. It could take you to a landing page that looks exactly like the landing page of Chase --- and you start entering in some information --- and then you're off to the races!!!"

One Houston Area Code got Over 54 mIillion Robocalls in ONE MONTH!

The number of Scam Robocalls have been cut in half -- but now we're slammed with Scam Robo-texts! Consumer Watchdog for the U.S. PRG Teresa Murray's Report says the scam texts are even more dangerous than the calls because they look like they want to help you avoid a catastrophe...but are actually setting you up for one. Murray says the FCC is dragging its feet. "They waited till October to introduce rules that would require phone companies that would block known scam Robo-texts. It's JULY --- and it has not passed the FCC yet!"

Click Here for ways to protect yourself from robocalls and scams.

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Mobile phone with scam and fraud message speech bubble

Scam Robotexts more dangerous than Robocalls.Photo: Getty Images

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