2 Arizona BBQ Joints You Need To Visit Right Now

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You might want to keep a stack of napkins handy for this one.

Thrillist compiled a list of the 57 American barbecue joints you need to visit right now — 2 Arizona restaurants made the list. Here's what Thrillist said about its list:

Barbecue crisscrosses cultures like grill marks on a marbled rib-eye steak. People in all corners of the world have harnessed flames to cook food—slow-roasted pig in banana leaf-lined pits, skewered meat caramelized over hot coals. It is an ancient craft, after all, with simple instructions: fire plus meat equals mealtime. With credit due to many storied foundations of barbecue—through indigenous peoples, immigrants, enslaved people—today’s smoked meats are, in some parts, tried-and-true traditions and, in others, contemporary approaches. ... The result is a diverse list of pitmasters that reflects who is sweating over smokers to bring us tender brisket bark, sticky glazed ribs, juicy smoked pork, heaping jalapeño mac and cheese, and honey-laced cornbread.

Here's a look at the BBQ joints in Arizona that made the list:

  • Honey Bear's BBQ, Phoenix
  • Little Miss BBQ, Phoenix

To read Thrillist's full report, click here.

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