Man arrested for shooting leak in Johnny Cash water tank

A water tower in the Arkansas birthplace of Johnny Cash, painted with a silhouette of the late country legend, sprang a leak last week in a "sensative" area.

Thanks to a sharpshooter who took aim at Mr. Cash's crotch, the town of Kingsland's water supply was being drained of about 30,000 gallons every day.

By Thursday afternoon, the hole was patched and painted.

Kingsland Mayor Luke Neal expected the leak would cost the town nearly $5,000 to repair. Apparently Flex Seal wasn't up to the job.

Kingsland, which has around 500 residents, painted the silhouette of the "Man in Black" in March 2021. In the image, Cash holds a red guitar and stands 6 feet 2 inches - his exact real height.

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office arrested 38-year-old Timonthy Sled and charged him with criminal mischief for shooting the hole and with impairing the operation of a vital public utility. Both are felonies, so if he's convicted, Sled could be facing up to 16 years in prison. We assume it would not be Folsom.

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