VIDEO: Hundreds of migrants crossing border into Texas

Hundreds of migrants continue crossing the Mexican border into an overwhelmed Texas sector near Eagle Pass, according to Breitbart.

At one crossing, only two Border Patrol agents were on hand to process more than 100 migrants, said Bill Melugin of Fox. His camera crew captured video of migrants walking up to a gate in the Texas border fencing after streaming across the Rio Grande from Mexico.

Texas National Guard soldiers had to assist the pair of agents. Melugin reported the individuals were from Colombia, Cuba, and Venezuela.

Later, the Fox reporter tweeted video of a woman carrying a small girl who said smugglers in Mexico handed the toddler to her to bring across. The two-year-old carried a note with instructions to contact her mother in Dallas.

On Wednesday evening, Melugin tweeted another video showing a group of more than 110 who crossed illegally.

Breitbart says Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 41,000 migrants during the month of April, according to unofficial statistics. Official numbers are to be released in the next few days.

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