Texans Added To Racial Discrimination Lawsuit For Hiring Wrong Black Coach

Fired Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores is suing his former team along with several other teams for not hiring him because he apparently believes that as a black coach, he’s entitled to a head coaching gig in the NFL. 

The NFL is also included in his suit and now the Texans are also being sued for “racial discrimination” because they hired Lovie Smith over Flores.

Pro Football Talk reports that “a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the case will be amended to state a retaliation claim against the Texans for failing to hire Flores.”

The PFT report adds that “Flores was one of the three finalists for the job. Then, the job went to Lovie Smith. Common sense suggests that the Texans realized they couldn’t hire unproven and inexperienced Josh McCown, and they wouldn’t hire Flores. Smith became the compromise candidate, arguably thrown into the mix late to allow the Texans to avoid hiring Flores.”

So his lawsuit is basically to say that the Dolphins fired him and hired another part-black coach because of racism. While the Texans didn’t hire him, but hired another black coach because of racism. Makes sense.

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