Lina Hidalgo Blasted By A Fellow Democrat For Holding Campaign Events

Yet another case of a lockdown, mask mandate loving politician ignoring rules they want imposed on everyone else.

Because remember, to them these rules are for the common folks, they are royalty and thus except from what they tell everyone else to do.

Last month, the Commandante Lina Hidalgo raised her silly little juvenile county threat level warning to “red” where she urges everyone to “stay home” and “work safe.

The county threat level remains at “red” to this day, so it’s quite hypocritical for the Commandante to hold campaign events and rallies while telling everyone else to “stay home”.

Erica Davis, who is a Democrat running in the primary against Hidalgo, is attacking the Commandante for holding a 200-plus person campaign event with that threat level at red.

Davis tells Fox 26, “I believe it is negligence by the leader that runs this County.  I believe you can't bend the rules or the policies that you create... To have a rally and to not have proof if one is vaccinated or not, whether in closed doors or outdoors, you are still bringing people together.”

Republican Commissioner Tom Ramsey adds that “most people in Harris County pay little attention to the Judge's threat level. It appears now she's joining them."

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