If So Many People Oppose Cancel Culture, Why Are We Scared To Do Anything?

Finally, something we can all agree on! No, I'm not talking about what a great team the L.A. Rams are, although that is true!

A new survey shows that the majority of Americans, we're talking both sides here, view 'Cancel Culture' as a threat to both democracy, and freedom.

"You're not allowed to fire someone for the color of their skin, you're not allowed to fire someone for their gender, and you shouldn't be able to fire someone for the political viewpoint they hold" said political analyst Luke Macias, "So, I think Republicans have to act aggressively on this."

But sadly, conservatives have been wrongly and unjustly silenced, and censored. Something we are seeing play out with Facebook (Meta) usage on the decline.

"We have not allowed people the freedom to have a perspective that's out of lockstep, with the liberal ruling elites" Macias told KTRH, "We can't blame citizens for not speaking up and sharing their views, when they know that they are likely to get fired."

The poll shows that nearly half are afraid to voice their opinions, and express their political opinions, with 83% overall, agreeing that democracy can only survive if there is free speech, which is no longer the case in the United States.

"I think the Joe Rogan controversy at Spotify is probably the thing that's increasing it more than anything else" Macias said, "You have someone who literally voted for Bernie Sanders for president, being cancelled by the elites of society because he's willing to have conversations with people who have a different view of Covid."

Maybe it's time to for cancel culture, to be cancelled.

Concept Of Cancel Culture

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