No End In Sight: Biden Border Crisis Enters Year Two

More than a year after Joe Biden took office, his border crisis is worse than ever. Record numbers of migrants are crossing the border every month, and now we've learned that many of them are being transported to cities across the U.S., including Houston. Morale among border agents is at an all-time low, with rank-and-file officers giving an earful to Biden administration officials who recently visited the border.

Mark H. Metcalf, former U.S. immigration judge, says President Biden has deliberately stopped enforcing the law at the border. "Under the law, if you enter and are discovered here illegally, you're supposed to go to detention," he tells KTRH. "But the Biden administration has wiped all of that away."

Failing to deport illegals is one thing, but now Metcalf and others say Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is essentially acting as a "travel agency" to move migrants into the interior of the U.S. "Joe Biden is flying (migrants) all over the country, to redistribute them to areas where they will not be taken notice of, and what's happening is people are noticing it," says Metcalf.

"But it is not just that ICE is now tasked with moving (migrants) to places within the United States," he continues. "The problem is the deeper one of who are we moving, and what do they do after they get there?"

The answers to those questions are scary. "We know that cartels and organized crime groups in Central America and Mexico use this as a means to scatter through the United States," says Metcalf. "Also, from the Middle East we've had terrorists use the same means to enter the United States."

All of this has border governors and Republicans on Capitol Hill boiling over in frustration. Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs told FOX News he wants to explore impeaching Biden over the failure to enforce the border. Meanwhile, Montana Sen. Steve Daines has unveiled a bill that would bar illegals from using arrest warrants as ID to board airplanes, something the TSA recently admitted was taking place.

Photo: Getty Images North America

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