Kubosh Pushes Back on Dems' Narrative Bondsmen Help Drive Up Crime

We've heard Houston-Harris County Democrats blaming bail bondsmen for the spike in violent crime, accusing them of taking low monthly payments, which allow offenders back on the streets.

We just heard it again from Mayor Sylvester Turner on Tuesday, when he announced plans for a city ordinance to force bail bondsmen into taking the full 10 percent.

"Bail bonding companies are in some instances now requiring substantially less than the customary ten percent required to post bond," said Turner.

Councilman Michael Kubosh, a former bail bondsman, argues only judges set bail. Bail bondsmen are there to make sure the defendant gets to court.

"The statute addresses the judges and the judges only on their duty to protect the public. It has nothing to do with a bondsman checking to see if this person is a danger to society. Our duty is to make sure they appear in court," he says.

Kubosh says more often than not, bonds are paid by a family members, family friend or even clergy.

"These are all false statements. It's a red herring to distract from what I'm doing by filing judicial bar complaints against these judges."

Photo: SULLIVAN, JON (uploader)

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