Dumbing Down The SAT Perfectly Sums Up The State Of American Education

We have long heard the phrase 'the dumbing down of America'. Well, soon it will be happening in our schools.

Beginning in 2024, the SAT test is going digital. Shorter, easier, and easier to cheat on. All for the sake of 'equity'.

"The reason is supposed to equity" said Auguste Meyrat, a Texas teacher and writer, "It's supposed to help out various racial groups, and socioeconomic groups that normally perform pretty poorly on the test."

Basically, the 'woke' school boards have decided the SAT tests are racist, and by making it easier, this will level the playing field for students that want to go to college.

"Scores are going down, kids are not as strong as they used to be, they're having a harder time staying focused for that long, certain races don't as well on the test, and therefore there must be something wrong with the test, and therefore we've gotta dumb down the test" he said.

That may sound nice on paper, but ultimately it's a lose-lose for everybody. Instead of raising the bar, we are lowering it.

"They're making the test easier and shorter, and they're making it digital" Meyrat told KTRH, "This brings up concerns not only about the rigor of the test, but also about possibilities of cheating. How well are they going to be supervised? Usually that just kind of opens the door for cheating."

Sadly, the only ones who are truly being cheated are the students.

Many college's are no longer requiring SAT scores for admission. The SAT test is set to go digital in 2024.

SAT Test To Be Revamped

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