Back To The USSR? - When We Stop Believing The Government & The Media

We've heard the cry from the left for years. Love, tolerance, inclusion. Now there is an asterisk. Love, tolerance, inclusion, as long as you agree with us.

Instead of sympathy, or empathy, the left is now all about hypocrisy. And now, sadly, we are at a point in our nation where our government and media are now longer believed. That is not good. For anybody.

The Biden administration has brought us down the wrong path.

"This was bound to fail" said Brandon Morse, editor at RedState, "The propaganda attempt was bound to fail, the authoritarian attempt was bound to fail. We're starting to see the 'woke' culture lose their grip on the populous, including many of their own."

Thankfully, the pushback is working. But as recently noted in American Thinker, a society that no longer believes in the government or the media, is what led to the downfall of the USSR.

"We've come close to Communism a few times, Woodrow Wilson's presidency was a really good example, along with F.D.R. another great example" Morse told KTRH, "So it can happen here, the issue though with that is American's are a little bit different of a breed. We might be fooled for a little bit, but we won't be fooled for long."

America has gone from woke, to awake.

Grungy Flags of Soviet Union and USA

Photo: Getty Images

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