When It Comes To The Economy – It’s Main Street vs. Dems Street

With 2022 now upon us, there are several issues facing the Biden administration as we countdown to the November midterms.

Sky high inflation, record gas prices, horrific crime, the worst border crisis in our nation's history, and without question the most division we have ever had as a country.

So what is the solution? According to Democrats, the big problems facing Americans are student debt, childcare, and climate change.

"The president is out of touch, he's not in tune with what regular Americans are facing every single day" said Adam Andrzejewski, president of Open The Books, "He doesn't have a plan, and unfortunately he's responding emotionally, rather than rationally."

That of course is in response to Joe Biden calling FOX reporter Peter Doocy a S.O.B. for daring to ask a question to the president about inflation. Yet again, another example of the Dems disconnect.

"Inflation is the #1 issue with the American people, because it is a tax on all of us" Andrzejewski told KTRH, "We see this when we go to the grocery store, or put gas in the tank."

But instead of providing solutions, the Biden administration keeps going back to Build Back Better, which will only make things worse.

"He should be concerned about this, it has not happened in generations" said economist Joel Griffith, "Sadly, our government is doing things to make it worse, declaring war on fossil fuels, and then you see the central bank printing trillions of dollars worth of new money. We should all be deeply concerned about this."

We are. It's Dems street vs. Main Street.

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