Biden Allowed Russia's Pipeline, Now Trying to Avert Europe Energy Shortage

Months after allowing Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline to go through, President Joe Biden is now rushing to find alternative energy sources for Europe in case the former Soviet Union invades Ukraine.

Russia supplies upward of 40 percent of Europe’s natural gas, which flows through Ukraine. Matt Coday with the Oil & Gas Workers Association, says this why Trump and others fought so hard against Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

"Legislators from both sides of the aisle railed against President Biden lifting sanctions on Russia's natural gas pipeline to Germans, and this is one of the issues we saw coming," he says.

Coday calls it another unforced error by the Biden administration that didn't need to happen.

"Every action of this administration has been to hurt American workers, and now the entire country of Germany and EU are subject to Russia's whims."

The White House is reportedly talking with Norway and Qatar in case that supply is cut off. It's also threatening sanctions against Russia, but Coday says China already proved that means nothing.

"Imports from Iran and Venezuela have almost tripled to China," he says. "Nobody cares about sanctions when the United States is a weakened country."

Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Construction Continues

Photo: Getty Images

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