Covid 2022: Calling Out The Enablers Of The Destructive Covid Panic

As the Covid pandemic becomes an endemic here in the U.S., you may or may not have noticed the narrative has changed as well.

From 15 days to slow the spread, to 2 years of lockdowns and mandates, the left is now trying to separate itself from what some say will go down in history as a catastrophic moral crime.

"History will not look back on how this was handled in a favorable light" said Dr. Brian Joondeph, "It may take awhile, but this will be regarded as a dark day for science, for medicine, and for government overreach."

Ironically, most of what the left called Covid 'misinformation', which led to thousands of Americans being shamed and cancelled, turned out to be -correct- information.

"There will be, and should a reckoning for this, because this was really poorly handled, not following the science and creating so much carnage and damage in the world, and it's going to take a long time to recover that" Dr. Joondeph said.

The damage done to the kids is unspeakable. Add to that 40% of small businesses across the U.S. closed.

"A lot of people profited from this, a lot of people were hurt from this, and why?" Dr. Joondeph told KTRH, "Would it have been different if it wasn't a presidential election year? And it wasn't Donald Trump running for re-election? And here we are now with the midterm elections, potentially a big shift in power. What's going to happen?".

We shall see. But in the meantime, one thing we do know for sure. American's will never forget how this was handled, even if the left tries to spin for their own advantage and political gain.

"It's not going to work" Dr. Joondeph said, "Because people remember, and people have been through hell for the past 2 years, and have been questioning why. Now, we're finally seeing some pushback, and rather than admit that they were wrong or had ulterior motives, they're gonna try and pivot and not face any accountability for the mess they created."

person throws a protective mask into the trash can - 
end of covid-19 corona crisis concept picture

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