The Feds Award Anti-Crime Grants To Groups Backing Defunding Our Police

With the crime rate at record highs across the U.S., you would think think the 'defund the police' movement might go away? They're back!

With a big assist to the Biden administration (and George Soros), the DOJ is giving out millions of dollars in anti-crime grants, to anti-police groups.

"This is another way to get money and funnel out to groups that are anti-police" said Doug Griffith, president of the Houston Police Officers Union, "For our Department of Justice not see that, and not to spend that money elsewhere like hiring more officers, it's insane."

Insane, but true. Their message is one that urges a "seismic shift in power away from the police", which we may appear to these groups to look good on paper, but one only has to take a look at New York, Chicago, and California, to see what happens when you defund the police. It's a disaster.

"Obviously the defund efforts aren't working" Griffith told KTRH, "Look at Austin, what happened there? Look at Houston, though we have not defunded a thing, we can't hire because of the anti-police sentiment out there. No one wants to come and work, at a police department for the wages that we pay, and take a chance on getting shot."

Griffith also noted that right now here in Houston, we are about 2,000 officers short, but currently #1 in murders in the U.S. to start off 2022.

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