Video: Hundreds of Single Adult Male Migrants Released into Texas, U.S.

Fox News crews in Brownsville this week have recorded a steady stream of single adult men being released by ICE, getting into buses and planes to all points across the U.S.

The White House insists it is using Title 42 and Remain in Mexico to deport anyone other than family units and unaccompanied children.

Critics argue the video doesn't lie.

"They've been doing it this whole time. The more time goes on in the Biden administration the larger the share of single adult men they're releasing and not expelling under Title 42," says John Daniel Davidson, senior editor at The Federalist.

"You go in and you look at the numbers, you see consistently since the Biden administration came in, the numbers of migrants in all categories that are being expelled under Title 42 is consistently going down month after month after month."

The City of Brownsville acknowledged it is assisting the feds with transferring single adult males.

An ICE spokesperson told Fox News they focus enforcement on public safety threats, and those they deem suitable for release are subject to reporting requirements.

There are reports that fewer than 300 illegals have been placed in the Remain in Mexico program.

This comes after DHS reported another 179,000 border encounters in December, nearly half from countries outside Mexico and the Northern Triangle.

"It feeds into and incentivizes a massive black market in what is basically industrialized illegal immigration that profits the cartels and human smuggling organizations that work in northern Mexico," says Davidson.

Photo: SULLIVAN, JON (uploader)

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