Why Is The Fed Focused On Diversity And Not The Economy?

It's a tough way to start year #2 for the Biden administration. The economy is in bad shape, inflation is sky high, crime across the U.S. is at record levels, and Biden's polling numbers are beyond bad.

So with all of that said, what is the top priority for Biden's Federal Reserve to deal with inflation, and fix our economy? Climate change.

"The Federal Reserve's job is to keep inflation under control, which means keeping prices stable" said economist EJ Antoni with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, "Instead of doing that, they're preoccupied with cowing to left wing talking points, like diversity and climate change."

Yes, it really happened. Fed Chair Jerome Powell said climate change is one of the biggest threats to banks. Climate change? What does climate change have to do with banking?

"As most things go, when they go woke, they go broke, and the country at large is no exception to that rule" Antoni told KTRH, "As the Federal Reserve goes woke, it is causing inflation to run rampant because they are ignoring their primary duty."

The reality is, fixing Biden's self-inflicted mistakes will make the Democrats look even worse than they already do, so the Dems want to continue to do what they do best. Spend money. At least a little more until the midterms.

"Every time this congress, and this president writes a check that the treasury can't cash" Antoni said, "The Federal Reserve steps in and creates the money out of nothing to pay for it, and that serves as a tax on all of us, and that is inflation."

And that is where we are after just 1 year under Joe Biden. Yet another reminder, that elections have consequences. But at least Trump is off twitter.

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