K9 Officer Nate Hopefully on the Mend

This morning (1-22-2022), HPD officers were chasing a robbery suspect who was darting in and out of apartment properties to evade them. Police cars, Police on foot, and a Police K-9 Handler and his dog, Nate. Nate is 4 years old and has been on the force in Houston for 3 years. Nate found the suspect, and the suspect starting stabbing the dog with a butcher knife. By the short time the police ran to his rescue, Nate was stabbed many times with most of the damage being done to his stomach and chest. His Handler rushed him to a nearby animal hospital on I-10 where he immediately underwent surgery.

Police at the scene told reporters Nate had lost a lot of blood - both at the crime scene and during his transport. Nate made it through his surgery and was, at last report, resting quietly. His veterinarian surgeons said the surgery was successful, but cautioned that he was, "not out of the woods yet." No matter, everyone is hopeful he will make a full recovery and be able to go home with his handler some time next week.

The suspect has been arrested, is in custody and will face multiple charges including including aggravated assault of a peace officer in connection to the attack.

Photo: Courtesy of Houston Police Department

Houston Police Department K9 Officer Nate

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