The Political Timing Of Ending The Pandemic (bet it comes before midterms)

Remember "two weeks to slow the spread"? The good ol' days? Or how about "follow the science"?

Not only do the Dems have a messaging dilemma, they now have to decide when to announce what we've all known for months. The pandemic is over.

The left have become masters at the art of cancelling. Just look at how conservatives are treated. Cancelling the pandemic, could be a much needed for the Democrats. Almost like a political 'hail mary' before the midterms.

"With nothing else to run on, they need something big" said political writer Thomas Buckley, who wrote about the topic for American Thinker, "It would change obviously everything going forward when it comes to the fall. When you can declare yourself a winner, why not take the opportunity?"

The big question is, when and how will they decide to do it?

"The timing is going to be crucial" said Republican strategist Vlad Davidiuk, "It would not surprise me if probably Labor Day, right as the campaigns are getting started, they start lifting pandemic restrictions, and lifting mask requirements. They're going to try and take a victory lap on this."

With Covid numbers on decline, and Joe Biden's disapproval ratings on the rise, they may not be able to wait that long.

"It's not far fetched to envision puppet master's for Joe Biden, to engineer an end to the pandemic just in time to help lift their party's chances in the upcoming elections" Davidiuk told KTRH.

And then after the elections are over?

"It can always come back" Buckley told KTRH, "Obviously at some point in the future, something similar will occur. I'm sure there are lots of people who would like to keep this permanent."

They both noted how Covid has already been cancelled in the UK. We'll see what happens next, here in the U.S.

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