US Taxpayers Shelling Out Millions on Immigration Lawyers for Illegals

The Biden administration has awarded a $158 million contract to a progressive group who views ICE and Border Patrol as a "threat" to civil liberties.

The Vera Institute of Justice also backs defunding police. It's using your tax dollars to help illegal aliens avoid deportation, regardless of any criminal history.

"Rape. Murder. Aggravated assault. Vera is very clear they don't care about any criminal history. They believe they all deserve representation no matter what," says Jason Hopkins, an investigative associate with the Immigration Reform Law Institute.

Vera is mainly funded through federal grants, and requires a local match in cities it serves.

"We are looking at well over $5 million from across the 22 jurisdictions," say Hopkins. "That's tax payer dollars. So you're not even counting whatever Vera is putting up, solely what tax payers are putting out."

Other major markets, such as Houston-Harris County, already set aside two million dollars for immigrant legal services.

Contrary to popular belief, Vera says foreigners do have legal right to an attorney. But that's for criminal cases, not civil procedures like deportation.

"Have you ever found a U.S. citizen who was given a lawyer, a public defender by the state, when they were going to divorce court or getting sued by somebody. No. They don't."

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