Paxton leading a lawsuit against Big Tech Giants

A lawsuit from State Attorney General Ken Paxton claims Big Tech companies Google and Facebook are making a back room deal to share the digital advertising market. The suit is accusing Google of coordinating with Facebook to work together and 'rig' the online ad market. Free Speech America's Dan Gainor.: "These are two of the largest, most powerful companies in human history. They are bigger than the railroad when we broke it up."

It all means Google is inflating advertising costs which the brands will pass down to their consumers. Texas is not alone in the effort, Paxton is joined by more than a dozen other state Attorneys General. They are accusing Google of inflating advertising costs. Gainor continues: "It's important that the States Attorneys General, in this case Paxton, are trying to fight back against the unfettered power of Big Tech."

The lawsuit claims that Pachai and Zuckerberg personally signed off on the deal.


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Google and Facebook colluding?Photo: Getty Images

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