If Limiting The Un-Vaxxed Is Wise, What About Limiting Fat People?

On the surface, it sounds harsh. Why pick on the plump? But the point the author Selwyn Duke was trying to make in American Thinker was, is this really about health and safety?

Sadly, with Omicron basically equal to a cold, the left has set their focus on those who refuse the jab. It's all about shaming, and insulting, the unvaccinated.

"Well, it's not just shaming and insulting, it's limiting their freedom" said FOX News contributor Elizabeth Ames, "The same people who call for diversity and inclusion, are trying to shut down diversity in health care decisions, and they're trying to shut the unvaccinated out of restaurants. The same people who hate voter id, believe it's fine to have to show papers in order to get your dinner."

As Selwyn Duke points out, according to the data, 78% of those who have died from Covid were overweight or obese. And so he poses the question in his piece, where is outcry and demand for their health? Nobody is threatening to punish them, even though they are at a much greater risk than the unvaccinated.

Not only is it the mainstream media that is attacking the unvaxxed, but Democrats are doing it to, starting at the top with Joe Biden.

"The virus can't be the enemy, and he couldn't shut down the virus, which is the stupidest thing anybody ever said" Ames told KTRH, "So there has to be an enemy, we have to unite against somebody, that's how a demagogue works. Demagogue's find an enemy, and so for him the enemy is the unvaccinated."

So what happens now moving forward?

"That's what we're going to see" Ames said, "They keep moving the goal posts, none of this is consistent. It has to stop, and you really need a strong leader to turn things around."

The countdown to November has already begun.

Obese Woman Using Smartphone after Workout

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