Houston Seeing More New Businesses and Full-Time "Not-to-the-Side" Gigs

For a myriad of reasons, mostly sparked by the Covid Lockdown, start-ups are very big in Houston and across the country. It can be retail, a service business or a one-person gig that provides the most freedom. Some Houstonians who lost their jobs in the pandemic, or decided to reshape their careers are mostly interested in going it on their own. Surepayroll spokesperson Maria Szatkowski says their study shows many are still scoping out what they will do next. "The most interest in Houston was in starting a Transportation Business. By that I mean the Trucking Business, Delivery, or Transporting items across the country or across town."

Employees Who Refuse to Go Back To The Office

Szatkowski says there's another common field of interest in other Texas Towns. " A lot of people in Texas are interested in opening a Boutique, be it brick-and-mortar or online, or opening up a Clothing Store is pretty popular in Texas now." She says their research shows the most common interest in Houston is some sort of transportation service from trucking to transporting cars to and from dealerships to smaller treks. "There are definitely business opportunities for people to deliver things...especially now when people don't want to leave the safety and comfort of their homes."

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Trucking Driving

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