Fifth Circuit Ruling in Dallas Case Shreds Harris County Bond Reform

The U.S Fifth Circuit Court Appeals has thrown a wrench in Harris County's consent decree over bail reform with its ruling in a Dallas case.

Victims advocates have blamed Harris County's settlement for two years of bloodshed at the hands of violent criminals given low or no bond.

"Democrats in Dallas were right. The state laws are clear. Senate Bill 6 is right. And it vacates a big overstep that Harris County had put together," says state Sen. Paul Bettencourt R-Houston, who pushed for bail reform statewide.

The appeals court specifically overruled portions of it.

"It completely wipes out the O'Donnell v. Harris County case as it stands," says Bettencourt. "That's a case about bail bonds that was effectively agreed to by the county and the plaintiff."

"Basically what the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals said is you shouldn't have done it, wiped it out."

Both sides in the Harris County case are due back in court January 31

Photo: Getty Images

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