U-Haul: Texas top target for self-movers

No state attracted more U-Haul movers last year than Texas, as migration to southern states continued on an increase.

The Lone Star State narrowly beat out Florida for top honors, according to the annual U-Haul Growth Index.

Tennessee ranked third, South Carolina fourth and Arizona fifth

U-Haul calculates its growth index by comparing the number of one-way U-Haul trucks entering a state against those leaving.

California is 50th and Illinois 49th on the list, suggesting those states saw the largest net losses for the second year running.

Indiana, Colorado, Maine, Idaho and New Mexico complete the top 10 growth states of 2021, as self-movers targeted the Southeast, Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions.

Some Northeast states showed migration recoveries - Maine rose 21 spots, Vermont 14 spots, and Connecticut 25 spots. Still, three of the six states with the largest net losses were also in the Northeast: New York (45), Massachusetts (47), and Pennsylvania (48).

California remained the top state for out-migration. In fact, U-Haul ran out of equipment to meet outbound-customer demand.

U-Haul reports Texas’ growth is statewide, but the biggest gains were in Dallas suburbs. Florida’s gains were mostly south of Orlando and along the coastlines.

PHOTO: Getty Images

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