Survey Says? Overwhelming Majority Believe Students Should Be Taught Truth

We haven't heard much about CRT since the November elections, but it's back.

A new Rasmussen survey shows that 72% believe that students should be taught 'American Exceptionalism', and 84% polled feel that the -truth- about slavery should be in schools, not CRT.

"It's interesting that the majority of the people do not want to live by lies" said education expert Jean Burk, "One thing that we have learned in all of this is that you don't touch my kids. I might have a liberal or a conservative policy, but when you start messing around with my kids, and what they are being taught? I think most honest people are going to rise up and say no, this is not the way it is."

What is the way? Burk says what we saw in Virginia is a pretty good picture. "It's definitely a start" Burk told KTRH, "And I think that if it continues, and parents use Virginia as an example, then I think it's going to keep up. School board's used to be these boring meetings that nobody ever went to, now they're turning into not only a circus, but also shining the light on what's going on with the truth."

And that includes the real truth about slavery, not the evil, and false, CRT.

"The reason we came over here, and records prove it, is for independence, freedom, and self government" Burk said, "If you're gonna lie, you better have some truth in there, because the first slaves that came to America was in 1526, it wasn't even 1619. I think the number just sounded better."

Another number that sounds better? Surprisingly, 73% of Democrats agree that students should be taught that America is a force for good.


Photo: Getty Images

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