2022 Midterms: What Do Republicans Need To Do To Win Back The Senate?

The countdown is already on to the November midterms. And while most anticipate a Republican 'red wave', which will give the GOP control of the House again, but what about the Senate?

"I think it's going to hit the Senate as well" said Tommy Pigott with the RNC, "There are a number of seats that are up for grabs that Republicans can flip from Democrats, and what ultimately I think we're going to see is a repeat of what we saw in November. From blue states to red states, we're going to see Americans really saying they've had enough of Joe Biden's failed agenda, and we're going to win back the Senate."

Right now, the Senate is split 50-50, with V.P. Kamala Harris the tie-breaker. But in November, there will be 34 Senate seats up for grabs. There are 14 that are currently occupied by Democrats, and 20 by Republicans.

"Some seats that look good are in Nevada, and Arizona, obviously there's Georgia" Pigott told KTRH "We also have New Hampshire, so I think there's a number of spots where Republicans can really make some gains."

The spotlight will be on Georgia, where the Democrats took control of the Senate a year ago.

"Joe Biden's way under water in something like the 30% approval range, which is always bad news for Senate candidates" Pigott said, "So I think there's a number of spots where Republicans can really make some gains, and there's also some margin for error where if we don't win seat, we can win another, but I'm confident that we're going to see all of these seats really heading our way and we're putting in the work to make sure that happens."

Former President Trump Holds Rally In Perry, Georgia

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