Windy Storm and at least 2 Tornadoes Blow Through Houston Area

A major storm including at least 2 tornadoes, thunder, lightening and heavy rain passed through Texas Gulf Coast counties last night (1-8-2022) into this morning causing havoc in some areas.

Humble was especially hard hit with a confirmed E.F.1 tornado swept through making a damaging mess wherever it went. Along with heavy winds, trees were down, outdoor furniture and equipment were blown down streets and scaring a lot of residents. One resident who spoke with our TV partner channel 2: "This tree (pointing to parts of a downed tree) is from all the way across the street. Neighbors were helping was really scary. I've never had anything like that before." Large, old trees were snapped like twigs.

In Montgomery County, Kingwood and Liberty County, businesses as well as homes were damaged. The owner of a local Bar-B-Que restaurant said the roof was blown off his business, there was water damage inside and some people there sheltered in rest rooms for safety sake. The restauranteur said with the help of friends the roof will be replaced in time for him to serve his ribs on Wednesday!

Finally, a woman speaking to Channel 2 reporters saying her kids' trampoline is no longer in her back yard! Another said that she found all kinds of pool toys in her back yard - but she doesn't have a pool!

A river flood warning in effect for Liberty and Polk Counties till Tuesday morning.

Miraculously there have been no reports of major injuries.

There were rescues made of people who were caught in flooded streets and inside buildings where so much debris blew against their front, side, and back doors that they were trapped.

photo: GettyImages

Storm Damage

Montgomery County Tornado DamagePhoto: Getty Images

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