Trump Is The Front Runner In 2024 – Is That A Good Thing?

Let the Trump bashing begin!

After arguably one of the worst first years ever for an American president, the Democrats have a dilemma.

A) They can talk about inflation, the economy, crime, the border, gas prices, Afghanistan, and Biden's overall performance. Or B) focus on Donald Trump.

"What he represented was an absolute deconstruction of their power, that they had amassed over generations" said Brooke Rollins, former director of Trump's domestic policy, and now the president and CEO of the America First Policy Institute, "I think that's why you see such a fight against him, and such a false narrative at every turn."

With Biden's approval numbers at record lows, Trump's continue rise, fueling speculation that he is going to run for president again in 2024. Something Trump himself has hinted at.

"With approval ratings like he has amongst the Republican voter base, and the new Republicans, the Hispanic voters, the black voters, the blue collar workers that have come to our tent because of him" Rollins told KTRH, "It's a new day, and he will be the one to decide whether it is him or someone else."

Most Republicans are ok with that, but there are some who believe that it would be best if Trump didn't run in 2024.

Rollins says she believes that Trump will do what he always says, and that's put America first.

"I think everyday he thinks about what is best for America, and who can take the America first mantle and run with it. It could be him? And I think he is full preparing in case he does decide that it is him. He has a 97% approval rating in the Republican party, no one has ever seen numbers like this. He is undoubtedly the leader, and the only person that is going to decide that is Donald Trump."

Trump is expected to make that decision after, the November midterms.

Donald Trump And Joe Biden Participate In Final Debate Before Presidential Election

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