The Dems Look To Weaponize The Anniversary Of The Capitol Riot

It's the 1-year of the January 6 Capitol riot, and you're going to hear a lot about it. Just not a lot of truth.

Texas congressman Troy Nehls was there, in the chamber, and says, "I was honored to be there to help capitol police secure the chamber, and I reflect now and look at where we are at now with the January 6 committee, and you can see that this committee is all about Donald Trump. It's not about seeking the truth, it's about continuing to damage Donald Trump."

Perfect timing. On a 1-year anniversary when inflation and crime rates are sky high, gas prices are through the roof, the border is wide open, and the Democrats are already talking about who can run in place of Biden in 2024, why focus on that? When you can deflect by bashing Trump?

"Democrats, and their allies in the corporate media have to keep about Trump" said John Daniel Davidson, senior editor with The Federalist, "Trump was a lifeline to outlets like CNN and MSNBC, but now that Trump is gone, they have to keep him in the conversation. The January 6 committee is way to do that, when everybody else has really moved on."

But there is more to this than just the Trump card. The Democrats are also using it as a springboard for their push of the 'John Lewis Voting Rights Act', which will be a federal takeover of all elections. A full-proof way for Democrats to remain in power.

"When you see Chuck Schumer talking about bypassing the filibuster for this voting rights act, which is really a dangerous bill for America" Rep. Nehls told KTRH, "It's a federal takeover of our elections, and this January 6 is going to continue to be the Democrats #1 talking point, because they have failed at everything else."

And taking over the elections -before- the November midterms would really help.

"Because they know after the midterms, they're going to be out of power" Davidson told KTRH, "You're going to see every dirty trick that they've had up their sleeve, whether that's blowing up the filibuster, to federalizing elections. The kind of stuff that we saw from Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence committee during the Trump administration."

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