Tax Filing Season Approaches, But IRS Still Dealing With Backlog

Taxpayers will soon be getting all their paperwork ready as the filing season draws closer.

This year, the IRS has set the deadline for individuals filing taxes for mid-April. Specifically, Monday, April 18th. It’s a return to normalcy after two years of COVID and weather-related extensions. However, delays, uncertainty, and frustration are likely in store for taxpayers. The IRS is dealing with backlogs dating back to 2020. Grover Norquist, with Americans for Tax Reform, says there's a lack of accountability within the agency.

“You saw just this year, IRS leaked to a very left-wing group, ProPublica, they said tens of thousands of tax audits,” Norquist said. “So, they did certainly violate their privacy. No one has gone to jail. No one has been arrested.”

It's why Norquist doesn't agree with President Biden’s proposed 80-billion-dollar expansion, so that the IRS can enforce new taxes.

“They have gone unchecked by Congress for a long time,” Norquist explained. “Every message they’ve got is the Democrats in Congress don’t care if the work gets done on a proper basis. That just becomes an argument for more money.”

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