Will low mortgage rates and pricey real estate continue into 2022?

Before the holidays, the Greater Houston Area was one red-hot housing market, with escalating prices - partially because of remarkably low interest rates. Laith Daik of Texas Loan Star says it's still going strong, even if mortgage rates start creeping up. He says pricing hasn't gone down yet. "I do think we'll see some up-tick in pricing. I think it will level off a little bit. We were starting to see that in the last 6 weeks - the demand slowing down."

Houston Real Estate Market Bucking National Trend

Daik says there's still a strong demand here. "People being able to work from home are making different decisions on where they want to live - not just living near the office. They are also helping our booming market here in Houston." And rising interest rates is another factor. "When rates starts to rise, it actually increases demand. People who were on the sidelines are worried that they are not going to be able to buy where rates are currently."

About the demand and rising prices slowing down a little bit in the last 6 weeks...traditionally home buying slows down during the holidays.


Real estate agent shaking hands with couple at new home

Houston will continue its Crazy Hot Real Estate market.Photo: Getty Images

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