Are We On The Brink Of OVER-Vaccinating In The Fight Against Covid?

Welcome to Omicron overload.

"Omicron is behaving precisely as we would expect for a viral variant" said expert Dr. Kelly Victory, "The reality is, despite all of the inflammatory and incendiary headlines, there is a disconnect. The case numbers are not related to hospitalizations."

Positive Covid cases are hitting historic highs, but the goods news is, deaths and hospitalizations continue to remain low.

"Finally, last week Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted last week himself what I've been saying for 23 months" Dr. Victory told KTRH, "Hospitals are over counting Covid patients, because everyone who gets admitted for anything, you are going to get a Covid test in the hospital, that's their protocol."

The big question now is, are we -over- vaccinating?

"We have never, in the history of vaccines, used boosters in this way" Dr. Victory said, "The idea of inoculating people 3 times within 9 months? This is unprecedented, and we have absolutely no idea what the results will be because it hasn't been done."

On a positive note, no pun intended, Dr. Victory along with several other doctors, believe Omicron could lead us to herd immunity.

"It is extremely contagious, no amount of mask wearing or social distancing, or any of these other silly mitigation schemes are going to make it go away" she said, "We are not going to vaccinate our way out of it, and the best thing that can happen is for people to develop natural immunity from this very, very mild strain."

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