Any Way You Slice It, 2022 Won’t Be Fun For Sleepy Joe

There's no way to spin it, 2021 was a rough year for Joe Biden, and 2022 is expected to be even worse.

Biden's approval rating continues to fall, with strong criticism even coming now from fellow Democrats. A far cry from a year ago, when Biden was promising big things for both sides.

"None of this had to happen" said political commentator Silvio Canto Jr., "The whole premise of his campaign was that he was going to be a moderate, and yet as soon as he got in, he began to govern like Bernie Sanders which is not what the country wanted."

As a result, Biden's approval rating is at a historic low.

"He's at 43 right now, and that's a good number if you are trying to win the home run title" Canto Jr. told KTRH, "But that's not a good number for an approval rate. I don't see Biden getting much better, and that's going to be devastating for Democrats trying to win elections in 2022."

In case you are wondering, Republicans need to win only 5 seats to win back the house, and we are now just 308 days away from the November midterms. The countdown is on.


Photo: Getty Images

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