The Big Lie: Democrats Say That Republicans Threaten Democracy

With just a few days to go until January 6th, the left (with a ton of help from their partners in the mainstream media) has begun the PR blitz over the so-called 'insurrection', which they claim is the worst thing ever to happen in our country.

It's the big lie, about the 'big lie'.

"It goes back to the election, and questions about election integrity, and the incident on January 6th" said Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak, "The Dems have used a lot of that to try to push this narrative, and also really to try and force the federalization of the elections. They've tried to convince people that the right is a threat to this country."

And they will continue to do so this week, using it as an opportunity to push for the federal take-over of our elections. They figure enough people will be dumb enough to believe it.

"The Vice President Kamala Harris recently was asked what the most significant national security threat is to the country?" Mackowiak said, and she said "threats to democracy" which is just a ridiculous answer. I think they're very afraid of the tsunami that is building for 2022."

The red wave for 2022 is coming, and according to Lindsey Curnutte with the Heritage Foundation, the left will do anything they can to try and stop it.

"If they can't attack Trump, they're going to attack Trump supporters. They're attacking conservatives calling them anti-democratic so they can keep and retain power in Washington, and they'll smear Republicans along the way to accomplish that goal."

Basically, for the Democrats it's a political 'hail mary'.

"I think we're already seeing them really pull out that hail mary, calling Republicans threats to democracy, all of that" Curnutte told KTRH, "We're seeing that with the January 6th committee, that's a complete partisan sham at this point. The rest of America isn't focused on this, but still in Washington that's kind of all they're talking about. Democrats, that's a really winning message for them."

And at the end of the day, it's not about unity, or peace, or healing, or even what's best for America. For Democrats, it's only about winning, and not losing power.

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