8 Ways Joe Biden's Policies Have Killed People

As we have noted throughout the year, there has been significant damage done to our nation, all due to the Biden administration. But now there are some that are taking it one step further, noting how some of Biden's policies have had deadly consequences.

You can start with Covid, and because of Biden's compromised position with China, we haven't handled the origin of the virus and accountability for it, the way that we should.

Biden's vaccine mandates have caused countless numbers of people to lose their jobs and livelihoods, and in some cases their lives due to suicide. Add to that, the fact that the Biden administration has refused to acknowledge natural immunity from the virus, or any therapeutics, which has caused who knows how many people to die when they could have received help.

"These treatments that are very effective, you have the government mocking and ridiculing, and inflicting a sense of fear in the American people, which has actually killed people" said political commentator Debbie Georgatos.

There was the disgrace in Afghanistan, and maybe the worst thing of all, the deliberate crisis at our southern border.

"When you look at the way the Biden administration is dealing with the southern border, you must reject the argument that it is incompetence" Georgatos told KTRH, "Everything that is happening at the border is the direct result of a decision, it's intentional, and once you realize that, you're able to more broadly see how dangerous the Biden administration is to America."

Bottom line, the elite leaders of the left privately have their own view of how America should be, and now they are working to make it a reality. And don't be fooled by good ol' grandpa Joe. This is a vision that Biden signed up for a long time ago. For Biden, like the rest of his Democrat colleagues, it's an exchange. Personal wealth and power, at the expense of America becoming socialist. The great reset.

"Biden is perfectly willing to abandon America" Georgatos said.

Something we have seen crystal clear, in just his first year.

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