With Biden's Numbers Tanking, Let The Trump Bashing Begin!

When the economy has crashed, inflation is at it's highest in decades, crime is at record levels, and the president you propagandize for has reached new lows in polling, what do you do? You bash Donald Trump.

"They are very concerned about him running again, and winning again" said Republican committeeman Dr. Robin Armstrong. The "they" that he is referring to is the corrupt mainstream media, that literally has no other options left, but to bash Trump. It's the only way they can cover and distract what is really going on.

One of the favorite items to attack on, is that the Republican party is divided because of Trump. "I think just the opposite is true" Armstrong told KTRH, "I think Republicans are very, very excited and I believe that Democrats are worried about that. They're very worried."

With less than a year to go now until the midterms, and after what we saw earlier in the month in Virginia, they should be.

"I think we're going to take back the House and the Senate in 2022, and I think we're going to win back the White House in 2024 Armstrong said, "And it's a result of the failed polices of this president."

That's a look at the future, but one of the main criticisms of Trump by the left is that he spends too much time dwelling on the past, specifically last years election.

"I think it's good that he doesn't completely forget all of that because we have to have an election in 2022 and 2024" Armstrong noted, "We have to make sure to keep reminding them of what they did, and I think he does that."

The countdown has begun.


Photo: Getty Images

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