Retirees Going Back To Work As Labor Market Looks To Fill Worker Shortage

The U.S. labor market is getting a boost, thanks to retirees coming out of retirement. Job sites like indeed have noticed a rise in older Americans looking for gigs. A trend seen by many as a positive for a labor market in desperate need of workers. Many retirees felt forced into early retirement at the start of the pandemic, but now feel comfortable returning to work. Restaurant consultant Jonathan Horowitz says this is a trend we're also seeing in the Greater Houston area.

“We’re seeing a lot more older folks come back into the workforce because employers are being forced to provide flexibility and other benefits just because they need the workers,” Horowitz said. “They need the bodies.”

He believes the addition of retirees is a good thing.

“People have been around, they have perspective,” Horowitz explained. “They have loyalty. They understand how to deal with people, and they can act as mentors to the younger generations that are just coming up.”

However, he says older Americans coming back to work won't be enough to fill all the open positions. He says the hospitality industry must appeal to younger workers as well.

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